CIMA P1 Mock Test

The CIMA qualification is one of the most prestigious and sought after in the world in the field of management accounting. It confirms the high level of professional knowledge and skills in the field of business management, has an international status and is quoted all over the world.

Exams CIMA involve solving a large amount of complex tasks in a very limited period of time. At the same time, candidates do not have the opportunity to write off or use any third-party assistance. This largely explains the worldwide recognition and trust in the CIMA diploma from employers and financial professionals.

Exams can be taken in any order. But, as practice shows, it is better to start with the P1 exam in order to master the skills, tools and abilities on the basis of which the more difficult stage of preparing for the P2 exam is formed. Within the framework of one examination session, a student can take 2 exams P1 and P2 at the same time.

To successfully pass the CIMA P1, P2 exams, you must score at least out of 150 possible 100 points by answering a total of 60 questions (the number of points for each question is the same).

The duration of each examination session is 90 minutes.

The CIMA P1 "Operational Performance Management" exam includes tasks in 4 modules:

  • cost accounting system (30%);
  • budgeting (25%);
  • making short-term decisions (30%);
  • taking into account risk and uncertainty (15%).
Time limit: 01:30:00