Online contructor for tests

Simple interface
Rich functionality
Comprehensive statistics

Create a test in a matter of few moments

  • Creating a test
    Just fill in the test name and specify its type.
  • Adding questions
    Add questions and answers, and set their order.
  • Making it public
    Activate the test immediately or set automatically scheduled activation.
  • Viewing statistics
    Go to the dashboard and check how your test is being passed, retrospectively or live.


Time limit
A certain amount of time may be allotted for passing the test. In conjunction with access restriction, you can create an exam system.
Access restriction
Restrict access with unique IDs and assign the number of attempts to each, then monitor attempts by tokens used.
Earning points
Assign points for each of the provided answers in your test and compare the results by the number of points scored. Set the minimum required score to mark a test as "successfully" passed.
Questions with images
Add an image to your question, or several at once. All the images used in the test stay available in one place, so it is easy to reuse them if needed.
Configure your test in such a way that it becomes an exam, a quiz, or a survey. Change your test settings at any time.
Ending text
Show different text at the end of each test based on the score gained during passing the test.
Enable on schedule
Want to make you test available at a certain time? Just configure enabling by schedule in few clicks.
Results and statistics
Monitor the usage of your tests. Check each test or get overall statistics. You can also check each attempt taken, as well as monitor attempts in real time.
Shared access
Grant administration access to multiple users and configure their permissions to view, create and modify tests.


No card nor any other payment details required